Confession time. I’ve been REALLY bad about attending to this blog. If anyone is out there on the edge of their seat wondering: I DID finish the January Whole30. I just didn’t document it here in the way that I dreamed of. Life, kids, work, and a variety of other day-to-day activities just took me away from spending time sharing my journey in the way that I intended to.

But, dear friends, don’t worry. I’m planning on starting a new round of the Whole30 in April. A little spring cleaning of the system, so to speak. So, what’s been happening in the meantime? Where do I start...

This monkey turned FOUR! We celebrated Miss Caroline all weekend long and then I found myself bawling on the couch because she’s growing up so fast. But also, to be honest, I’d also cry my eyes out if she had to stay three forever.

She’s inherited my ability to make awkward faces in photos.

I’m FREAKING turning forty. My birthday on Saturday is a milestone one. Really, I think I’m OK with it. I’ve resigned to being OK with being a mom of three that drives a minivan. Really, forty is kind of up my alley. But to celebrate being a grown-up who gets to do what she wants I bought myself some fabulous new hair for my birthday.

Bring on the new decade! My hair can handle it!

And then in completely unrelated news, next week we’re going to Africa! We’ll be in Pretoria for my step-sister’s wedding. By “we” I mean that my husband and I are bringing all three of the kids 😬. I’m looking forward to sharing all about our adventure. Because let me tell you that with 28 hours of travel with three kids, there’s gonna be some adventure.

After we get back from Africa, I’m going to be a running fool. The hubs and I have both signed up for two half-marathons this spring. The Go! St. Louis Half Marathon is April 7 and we’ll also both be doing the Race 13.1 Half Marathon is on June 9. I’ve been trying to get some long runs in on the weekends but still have some work to do. I’d love to PR with a sub 2 hour half. Over the last three Saturdays, I’ve done a 6, 8 and then 9-mile run, all maintaining around a 9 min mile pace. So, it’s possible! However, treadmill running is a whole lot easier for me than a road race.

These shoes will be happy to get off of treadmill and hit actual trails this spring!

My secret goal (which might not be so secret anymore since I’m announcing it to the internet) is that I’d like to do my first full marathon this fall. I’ve DNF’d a couple that I never ran when I got pregnant with my last two children. So, now I have NO REASON not to meet that goal!

That’s all for now! I’ll be back in a few weeks to share more our trip abroad and to blog about my April Whole30 experience, along with recipes and tips!